"This trio of Glaswegians who are now based in London have been leaving audiences spellbound with their fresh and unique take on garage rock. Their original songs draw on 60s freak beat, early blues, American garage and surf. Fronted by C.K Smith on Guitar and Vocals, Campbell Lindsay on bass and Colin Gordon on drums. A born performer and frontman, C.K Smith has an infectious and energetic stage presence. Campbell Lindsay, a gifted bass player, keeps a thudding groove and drive behind the melody, locking in tight with Colin Gordon's incredibly articulate and soulful drumming.Equally at home swaggering onto festival stages, blowing the roof off your local town hall, or rocking a dingy basement at midnight.  If you get the chance to see The Rolled Notes, do NOT miss it.”

"... tighter than the Stones when they still had rhythm and the blues but decided to go surfing instead."

"Incendiary from the outset lead-man C.K. Smith's sharp and fast paced flamboyance on the guitar had the place shaking. Together with his spider fingered bass Campbell Lindsay playing tight Cramps rock rhythms like a top-down hot-rod ride on the esplanade, surfboards in the back seat; and hard hitting drummer Colin Gordon, a metronome on old fashioned trucker speed keeping time in the centre of the guitarist's firey-loops and silver-flashes that never let-up"